From our first phone conversation Andrew assured me he could handle my case. His service was excellent.


Andy did an amazing job. He was able to get my case dismissed without us every having to go trial.


The outcome of my divorce case was beyond amazing! I got basically everything I wanted from the situation, and it’s all because of Andrew Bryant’s hard work! I met with a few different lawyers before choosing him, and I’m so glad I did! He wasn’t voted the Best Lawyer of Colorado Springs for nothing!


Thank you for all you have done for me!!! He really helped me in my animal case. He spent the whole afternoon with me making sure all our ts were crossed, the times that I was really struggling, he was able to talk with me and calm me down, assuring me things would be ok. Even though we did not get the outcome we wanted, he was right, I am ok. I just can not thank Andrew enough.


We have used several attorneys over the years, and Andrew Bryant is Definitely at the top! He knows how to be aggressive and is confident in the courtroom. He stood up for us and is an attorney with a strong presence. Thank you Andy for a great outcome!


Andrew and Staff are helpful and excellent! I highly recommend Andrew!


Andrew is a very hard working, direct, and good attorney. He does everything you could reasonably ask, from promptly returning calls to making time to schedule a meeting if you need one. He helped me with stuff until the case is completely resolved, throughout the probation process not just up until the point that the court portion is taken care of.


Andrew was very professional and personable to work with, and helped us to get the best outcome possible!


Andrew is a great attorney and his staff are very friendly & knowledgeable! If you’re looking for an attorney, The Law Office of Andrew Bryant is the firm you want.


I met with Mr. Bryant to talk to him about what state I needed to file to get custody of my son. Even though he told me I needed to file in a different state since that’s where my son lived and I needed to speak to an attorney in that state, I was incredibly grateful that he was willing to take the time to talk to me and walk me through what I needed to do next.