Dear Andy, I just want to thank you for all the hard work you put into my trial. I know you spent many long hours preparing and while there had several exhausting days and nights. I thought you did an excellent job, truly brilliant on some of your approaches with the witnesses and the jury. We couldn’t have done any better—the system is just stacked against people like me and you never know what kind of jury you will get. Even though things didn’t go the way we had hoped I felt like I was well defended and in very capable hands. I’m sorry you had the added challenge of a very emotional woman. You did very well calm me and gently getting me to a better place. As you are very aware, this trial was agonizing on several levels for me. I said goodbye to my daughters in my heart as I watched them on the stand, while I adored their beautiful faces. They have chosen their paths. I feel like they have “divorced” me. Sigh. Thankfully, I am feeling God’s peace today and know He will give me His grace to walk through all the coming days of grief. I might just have to cry a lot, though. I was wondering what happens now. Am I free to live as unrestricted as I have been or do I have new restrictions? Please thank Emily and the kids for sharing you with me during this painful time of my life.