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Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Lindsey Weber

Although she wishes she could say she was a Colorado Native, she is not. Lindsey was born in a military family and as a result, has lived all over the country. Lindsey has lived on the East Coast, the West Coast, the true Midwest, and Colorado. Lindsey’s constant moving around and being exposed to different parts of the country, has taught her valuable lessons about people and life. She finds that her different experiences help her with the practice of law because it allows her to expect the unexpected, treat people with compassion and respect, and take nothing for granted.

Lindsey attended Colorado State University for her undergrad and for law school she attended the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. Despite the constant sun and ocean adventures, she graduated law school and returned to her roots in Colorado.

Law is all about passion for Lindsey. Growing up, she had a great deal of exposure to children with special needs. Lindsey’s Mother was, and still is, a special needs teacher. Her patience and skill of her craft taught Lindsey to never give up on humanity or herself. As a result, Lindsey has an intense passion to advocate on behalf of children. Children are the reason why she chose family law. Being able to make a positive impact in a family’s life, gives her great gratification. Lindsey is happy that her law degree does not go to waste.

Finally settled in Colorado Springs, Lindsey joined The Law Firm of Andrew Bryant. Her focus is primarily on family law, an area of law that focus specifically on the people involved in the cases.

On a personal note, Lindsey loves the outdoors. She loves winter the most because it allows her to ski, snow mobile, and snow shoe. When it is not winter, you will still find her outdoors in the mountains.

Lindsey Weber


His Dedication

Your legal matter is important not just to you but to Mr. Bryant and his office. He sits down with every client and makes sure they are aware of the possible outcomes that can happen during the case. For some, the legal system is a brand-new experience and he wants to provide the client-attorney relationship that make his clients know that they are well taken care of. Andrew’s experience with jury trials and bench trials enable the client to have confidence that he is the right attorney for you.  Andrew has handled high-profile cases.

The law office is a top-rated law office specializing in criminal and family matters. This has made Mr. Bryant unique in the area as he has experience in both criminal and family matters. He is able to provide his clients with a wide range of expertise. when handling cases. He has the knowledge, experience, and drive to fight and succeed for you both in and out of the courtroom to resolve any legal issue you may have.

His Personal Connection

Aside from being a dynamic lawyer, Andrew is also a genuine person outside of the courtroom. In his spare time, Mr. Bryant enjoys spending time with his family and kids, either playing soccer or golf, traveling, or attending Denver Broncos games. Andrew is often described an active, down to earth gentlemen who truly cares about his community. He loves Colorado and has a deep connection to this beautiful state and the people who reside in it.