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Colorado Springs Criminal Defense & Family Attorney Catherine H. Ford

Catherine graduated Magna Cum Laude in the top fifteen percent of her law school class. Catherine has worked in some capacity in family law her entire life. Catherine also has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy which allows her to think outside of the box for her clients to seek resolutions in cases that other attorneys may not think of. She is a straightforward attorney who knows when to fight for her clients and when it is better to settle and she prides herself in being honest and transparent with her clients, even if that means having hard discussions about the state of the case and the nature of the evidence that the client doesn’t want to hear. She believes that having uncomfortable discussions is important if it means that she is providing honest advocacy and solid advice that the client can rely on.

Catherine specializes in child and spousal abuse cases, and child alienation cases. She understands that the nature of domestic violence and domestic violence victims present complex issues and require special care to make sure that the rights of the victim are upheld and that those wrongfully accused of domestic violence are also treated fairly in the domestic relations court.

Catherine loves the Denver Broncos, hiking with her family and her two dogs, cooking gourmet meals, and having movie nights with her children.

Catherine H Ford


His Dedication

Your legal matter is important not just to you but to Mr. Bryant and his office. He sits down with every client and makes sure they are aware of the possible outcomes that can happen during the case. For some, the legal system is a brand-new experience and he wants to provide the client-attorney relationship that make his clients know that they are well taken care of. Andrew’s experience with jury trials and bench trials enable the client to have confidence that he is the right attorney for you.  Andrew has handled high-profile cases.

The law office is a top-rated law office specializing in criminal and family matters. This has made Mr. Bryant unique in the area as he has experience in both criminal and family matters. He is able to provide his clients with a wide range of expertise. when handling cases. He has the knowledge, experience, and drive to fight and succeed for you both in and out of the courtroom to resolve any legal issue you may have.

His Personal Connection

Aside from being a dynamic lawyer, Andrew is also a genuine person outside of the courtroom. In his spare time, Mr. Bryant enjoys spending time with his family and kids, either playing soccer or golf, traveling, or attending Denver Broncos games. Andrew is often described an active, down to earth gentlemen who truly cares about his community. He loves Colorado and has a deep connection to this beautiful state and the people who reside in it.