Our Colorado Springs Attorney Keeps Your Past from Hurting Your Future

Does your stomach sink each time you fill out an application because you know you will have to answer questions concerning criminal matters? At the Law Office of Andrew Bryant, Andrew is here to help you lessen the negative repercussions of having a criminal record. He is a dedicated advocate with the skills necessary to assist clients interested in building a future free of the stigma that comes with having committed a crime.

The top-rated Colorado Springs defense attorney has helped clients get juvenile adjudications expunged from their records and criminal cases sealed. Andrew has a thorough understanding of Colorado criminal laws and the inner workings, of state courts. That inside knowledge of the criminal justice system can only be used to your advantage when it comes to defending your reputation. Trust Mr. Bryant to diligently work for you.

What Does Expunging a Record Do?

A criminal conviction is permanently erased when a record is expunged.  In Colorado, only certain juvenile adjudications are eligible to be expunged from your record. You can then say you were not arrested, charged or accused of committing a crime and it would be 100% true. Some rules still require you to disclose such information and that would only be known by El Paso County Law experts, like Andrew Bryant.

Eligibility for Expungement

Certain circumstances must exist for your case to even be considered for an expungement of your juvenile records. Grounds to have a conviction expunged vary but you may be able to have your record destroyed if:

  • The charges against you have been dismissed
  • You were found acquitted
  • You have been released from the supervision of the court after successfully completing your sentence

Eligibility for Sealing

While you cannot expunge adult convictions in Colorado, under certain circumstances you may be eligible to request that the records of your case be sealed. Some of these include:

  • You were arrested, but charges were never filed by the District Attorney
  • Charges were dismissed
  • You were acquitted at trial
  • You successfully completed a Deferred Sentence
  • You were convicted of or plead guilty to a petty offense
  • You were convicted of or plead guilty to a Municipal violation
  • Certain drug convictions after you have completed your sentence

Please keep in mind that in Colorado under current El Paso County Law, you are not eligible to have your adult conviction sealed if you pled guilty or were convicted at trial of any felony or misdemeanor.

Pave the Way to a Brighter Future

Do not let a lapse in judgment or wrong act have a negative impact on your future health and happiness. Instead, contact the Law Office of Andrew Bryant to discuss having your record expunged.