All About Family Law

Family Law” is a broad description that refers to several different legal areas that involve every aspect of familial relationships. When a life changing event happens within a family, the legal matters that follow to resolve these issues all fall under this category. Those areas of practice include divorce, military divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, paternity law, and legal cases involving social services are all embodied by the phrase “family law“. Hence why Andrew Bryant is a jack of many trades when representing his clients in Colorado Springs.

Andrew Bryant is a Colorado native who is here to assist all different types of families across El Paso County who need resilient legal representation. No matter how many kids you have, where you live in Southern Colorado, if you’re military or not, our Colorado Springs Family Law office can get you what you want during your separation. Protect your family, protect yourself.

Divorce- this is the easiest of all categories to explain, and the one that should be most familiar to everyone and pulls from each of the other areas.  A divorce is simply an end to a marriage.  In Colorado these are both marriages where the spouses have a wedding license, and common law marriages.  Even if you’re common law married, and in Colorado all it takes is holding yourselves out to the community as a married couple (there’s a bit more, but that’s for another blog), you still need to go through the court system to get a divorce.  A divorce will include things such as: the division of property/debts/assets, spousal maintenance, and if there are children:  parenting time, decision-making and child support.

Military Divorce– a divorce involving one (or both) of the parties who is active duty or even retired.  The service member needs to protect their (potential) retirement, and if you’re the soon to be former spouse of a service member, you need to ensure that you receive all the benefits to which you’re entitled.

I meet with a lot of people who simply want the process over with as quick as possible.  There’s a reason you don’t want to be with your soon-to-be former spouse anymore, and the quicker it can be over with the better.  Always remember- do not make decisions that can potentially have long-term consequences (like waiving maintenance or your share of your spouse’s military retirement), just so you can get your divorce over with.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities- these are commonly called child custody cases.  These are matters where the parties weren’t married, they have a child together, and are no longer in a relationship.  The courts here will make decisions related to parenting time, decision-making, and child support.

My reputation demonstrates the type of legal success you would want for your own case. Don’t go into your divorce blind or unaware of what to do the protect yourself. Give the Law Office of Andrew Bryant a call today to see just what hard-hitting family law representation looks like. Pick up the phone now!