Custody during Coronavirus, do I have to abide by the Parenting Plan?

Many of our clients have emailed or called about whether they have to abide by their current parenting plan during the Coronavirus epidemic. The answer is yes. While there are many uncertainties right now, the Courts do not want to see parties’ not keeping to their agreements. If an agreement is made between the parties to differentiate from the parenting plan, that is different.  What could also change the situation is if one of the parents resides out of state and that state is under a shelter-in-place order.  Colorado is not currently under a shelter-in-place order. However, that may not be the situation when you’re reading this.

While there are high anxieties during this time, we always tell our clients to try to work through these issues with their former significant other, and if you can’t resolve the matter, then ask your child custody attorney what the appropriate steps may be.  If you and your ex do need to alter the parenting plan, there are options of giving the other party more parenting time when restrictions are no longer in place.

The Coronavirus offers a lot of unknowns, and we do not know when things will go back to normal.  Work with the other party and hopefully come to a temporary agreement that works best for your family’s situation, and if that doesn’t work, then consult with your child custody attorney to offer ideas.