10 Tips for Surviving Divorce During the Holidays

There is no way to sugar-coat it. Surviving a divorce during the holidays can be rough. You can’t help but remember those past happy holidays when your family was all together enjoying this time of year. Even if those past holidays were less than perfect, because we all know how family outings go, they were still happy family holidays.  After a divorce, you basically feel like the Grinch stole your family in addition to Christmas.

Andrew Bryant knows how difficult a divorce can be for everyone in the family involved. He sees it weekly, so he knows the stress, anger, sadness, and loneliness that come along with separation. Dealing with all these emotions is never easy, but to have to deal with them during the holiday season seems to be ten times worse. That’s where Andrew’s expertise and advice come in.

No matter what you are feeling right now or what thoughts keep popping into your head, you have to keep moving forward and keeping positive about your existence, especially if kids are involved. Andrew Bryant has some helpful advice for those of you who are currently going through and just completed a divorce here in Colorado Springs. Below are his top 10 tips for surviving this holiday season after a divorce:

  1. Give yourself the gift of realistic expectations – allowing yourself to know your limits with spend eases some of those money stresses you might be holding on to
  2. Create a Great Experience for Your Kids – make the holiday season all about your kiddos. They should feel as if nothing has changed, even if their parents are now separated.
  3. Plan ahead – When your entire world is already falling apart, you need something to hold on to, so plan your holiday events and celebrations to give yourself something positive to look forward to.
  4. Give yourself permission to be yourself – allowing yourself to let loose, relax, and just be yourself can take quite a bit of worry and stress off your shoulders.
  5. Less is more – Don’t focus on spoiling your family with expensive gifts, focus more on the things that matter. Create experiences and memories with your family instead.
  6. Focus on the Big Picture – Stay grounded with your thoughts and remind yourself what the big picture looks like. Focus more on the positives or the blessings you do have to keep your mind off the bad.
  7. Let go of guilt – many divorcees force guilt on themselves for the failed relationship. Don’t do this to yourself, especially during the holiday season. Let the past go and move forward with an open mind.
  8. Live the holiday spirit – everyone knows the holidays bring out joy, love, and a friendly spirit, so join in on the festivities and enjoy yourself for once.
  9. Make new personal goals – Move on from the past and begin to look closely at yourself to begin your new life. Come up with a couple of personal goals you’d like to accomplish in the new year.
  10. Ditch the Drama – don’t let the divorce experience stay top of mind. Throw it in the back of your thoughts so internal and external drama doesn’t ruin your fun family time this time of year.

Following these tips may be hard at first, but trust Andrew, you will be thankful you pushed yourself to try the above to enhance your first holiday season separately.

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