Determining Child Support Amounts

There are a lot of pieces that come into play when the courts decide on child support amounts. We understand the complexity of the child support process, so Andrew Bryant would like to provide the basics on how these monthly amounts are determined for each case to make it a little bit easier for you. Let’s start from the very beginning when you first file the legal documents for child support.

Once a legally binding child custody agreement or parenting plan is in place between both parties, child support may then be determined.  In most instances, the guidelines for determining set child support are not subject to debate because they are calculated based upon the strict requirements of the law, found in CRS 14-10-115:

  • Adjusted gross income of both parents (or potential income if a parent is unemployed or deemed to be underemployed)
  • Childcare costs
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • The number of overnights each parent has
  • The number of children
  • Other factors, as set out in the law

When parties agree to a child support amount or a court enters a child support order, the Colorado law allows for something we call an Income Wage Assignment.  This is done so the set child support money can come directly out of the obligor’s paycheck each and every month. Once that monthly amount is determined, it is a legally binding responsibility that must be paid, or there can be repercussions for nonpayment.  The Family Support Registry can also be used.  This is an added step in the process added to protect the rights of child support payers, giving them a full record of completed child support payments to avoid any future disputes over payments between the parents.

As your attorney, Andrew Bryant can provide you with all the proper advice when it comes to securing payment for court-ordered child support. The methods approved by the Colorado courts may seem quite complicated, so let him take care of the details so you can focus on your children.

Andrew Bryant uses the latest child support software today that ensures you receive an accurate estimate of legal child support obligations before a final decision is made. This makes your life so much easier so you can easily plan ahead for yourself and your child. Whether you and your ex are negotiating payments in or out of court, he has the caring, hands-on experience necessary to effectively protect you and your child’s best interests at heart. He is here as your #1 advocate for your child support goals.

Child Support Adjustments

Child support is a legal obligation of consistent financial support guaranteed every month to benefit the children who are involved in a divorce or separation. In most cases in Colorado, this monthly financial support will continue until the child is 19 years of age or upon emancipation. However, there might come a time before the child turns 19 when it is necessary to reexamine an existing child support agreement to determine if that initial support amount provided is still appropriate to raise the child. Child support reexamination might be essential due to:

  • Changes in either parent’s financial situation
  • Losing or gaining employment from either parent
  • Changes in custody and overnights from the courts

Usually, a set child support amount can be modified only if the resulting change in the child support figure is up or down by more than 10%.  However, current Colorado legislation states that child-support obligations for low-income families or individuals must be adjusted to current economic realities or the recent cost of living. Andrew Bryant can help you maintain or modify any existing agreement for your child, whether you are seeking child support or you are required to pay child support. Regardless, he is here to help ease the process and make sure your child is well taken care of.

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