Why You Shouldn’t Search for a “Cheap” Criminal Defense or Family Law Attorney

When calling around for attorney’s rates and retainers, you may think to go with the least expensive attorney. Have you heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?” You have to be careful when searching for an attorney because you may want to go with the attorney who gives you the cheapest rate or retainer. However, that attorney may not go the lengths they need to in order to handle your case in the most appropriate and effective way. What we recommend at The Law Office of Andrew Bryant is that you consult with a handful of attorneys to see who best suits you. While money is a huge consideration, you need to see who you have a good connection with and believe will take care of your case the most effectively. We have had clients consult us and go with someone cheaper and then hire us later saying the “cheaper” attorney did not handle their case appropriately, and in the long run paid more for their representation. We have seen this both in our criminal cases and family law cases.

Some attorneys may quote you a lower rate to get you in the door and then run up the bill quickly. Make sure you know of their rates and how they bill. Some attorney’s bill for just sending a returning email back to you saying, “thank you, have a good day.” Here at The Law Office of Andrew Bryant we do not do that.

In conclusion, we want to take good care of you as a client. Our rate or retainer may be lower or higher than another attorney in town, but if you feel secure and comfortable with Andrew, then trust your instincts. Your favorite Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney, Andrew Bryant, understands your needs and possible limited funds for representation. He’s a genuine family guy who can work with you.

Trust us, we have many years of experience in handling situations where clients wanted to go the cheap route and usually they end up spending much more. Give Andrew a call today and get a free consultation on your case. He’s here to help!