What are the benefits of hiring one attorney to handle both your divorce case and criminal case?

If you have been arrested and are falsely accused of a domestic violence offense against your spouse, you may also be thinking about filing for divorce or legal separation. Some attorneys specialize in both criminal and family law cases, such as The Law Office of Andrew Bryant.  There are benefits to hiring one attorney to handle both cases. First, the attorney will know more about both of your cases and will be able to craft a strategy that does not adversely affect your rights in either case.  You will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each decision and how it could potentially affect either your criminal or domestic matter.  You will also not have to go back and forth between attorneys to coordinate how each case should be handled, all while you rack up higher and higher attorney fees.

On the other side of things, if you hire Andrew with The Law Office of Andrew Bryant, and you have been involved in a domestic violence situation with your spouse and your spouse has been charged with a crime. He can go over what your spouse may be facing criminally and how it will affect the divorce proceedings, especially if kids are involved.

The Law Office of Andrew Bryant has years of experience handling criminal and domestic cases in Colorado Springs.  When searching for a Colorado Springs Family Law and Colorado Springs Criminal Law Attorney, call Andrew with The Law Office of Andrew Bryant. He has won consecutive years of the Gazette’s Best of the Springs, and he’s ready to work for you in your criminal and domestic matters.