Are Fear and Shame Preventing You from Help Controlling Anger?

Domestic violence is a crime that has a farther-reaching impact than an offender may initially realize. Often they realize that those household members who are subjected to it, whether directly involved or simply as a witness, often deal with trauma for years.

What doesn’t always register directly for those who become violent against their loved ones is the fear and shame that can prevent them from seeking help. Often, offenders aren’t even aware they have access to learning how to control their anger.

Moreover, this may be a wider-spread issue in Colorado Springs now than ever as the pandemic has reportedly produced a spike in domestic violence. In fact, in 2020 there were more domestic violence-fueled killings than in 2019–an increase of around 17 percent.

Help does exist. You have the power to help to stop it from happening again. And for those who already have a domestic violence conviction, there are ways a lawyer can help you to get your life back, too. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Domestic Violence According to CO Law?

Domestic violence occurs when violence is perpetrated against someone with which you have an intimate relationship. That can mean someone you’ve been romantically involved with, lived with, or even only dated. It can also involve family members related by marriage or blood.

If you are convicted of a domestic violence charge, although an incident doesn’t usually lead to a significant amount of time behind bars, it does present a number of unique challenges in several aspects of your life.

The most commonly impacted areas of a domestic violence offender’s life include employment, living quarters, and the parameters of how and when they may see affected family members. These disruptions are one more layer of obstacles that can keep you from moving on.

So what can you do? Learn more below…

How to Regain Control Over Your Life

Truth be told, domestic violence offenders have to want to get help. They must be ready to take a hard look at themselves and their surroundings. Getting help isn’t the easy way out.

Getting help is a commitment to making amends, to finding a better life, and to building stronger relationships, and eventually, the hope is to find a way out of unhappiness. A tall order for the court-remanded group and/or individual therapy most folks go through, we know.

Although domestic violence conviction records may not be sealed in Colorado, take the opportunity anyway. What have you got to lose? Then, work with an attorney on presenting your plan to the court for rehabilitation is possible.

Get with a Program and Go All In

There are batterer intervention programs that help perpetrators to find accountability in their actions. There are intervention opportunities that can help bring an end to the cycle of violence. Anger management classes can teach you how to handle your strongest emotions and urges. You simply have to seek these opportunities out.

Complete All Court Requirements

Whatever the court requirements are for your release, follow them. You may be asked to complete anger management classes, drug and alcohol classes, or therapy. Complete all of these requirements and refrain from contacting the alleged victim. Adhering to the conditions set forth by the court can prevent you from dealing with any additional charges.

Follow Any Court Orders

Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Attorney

The courts may require a protective order to keep the victim safe. No matter what, even if the victim reaches out to you first, do not break this order. You must do whatever the order requires and not deviate from it under any circumstances. If you do violate, it will be considered an additional offense and can make things worse.


About the Author:

Andrew Bryant is a well-respected Colorado Springs criminal attorney who has been practicing in the area for years. A Colorado native, he returned to the home he loves after graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Now, he uses the knowledge he gained as an El Paso County District Attorney to fight tirelessly for his clients’ rights. He is AV-Preeminent rated, has been recognized for his work by The National Trial Lawyers, and has been named to Best of the Springs lists by The Gazette for years.